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The Beech Bonanza Went to War

The QU-22 was a Beech 36/A36 Bonanza modified during the Vietnam War to be an electronic monitoring signal relay aircraft, developed under the project name “Pave Eagle” for the U.S. Air Force. These aircraft were intended to be used as unmanned drones to monitor sensors along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos and report troop and supply movements.

When the project was put into operation in 1968, however, the drones were all flown by pilots of the 554th Reconnaissance Squadron and Det. 1, 553rd Reconnaissance Wing based at Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand.

Air Force tail number 70-1535 is one of only two flying QU-22’s left in the world and its owner, the Studer Family of Dallas, have graciously supported our reunions, which include all the people associated with the “Q-Bird”.

Future unions are presently “on-hold,” pending a return to “normal” and a showing of interest by the Vampire group.

This  ↓ Video ↓ is Courtesy of the AOPA Magazine. For More About the QU-22 and Pilots Read their Article Here

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